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Show November 2000
Page update 29-4-04

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of Novemvber 2000 the Branch's show went into full swing. Even the rain could not stop the event.. This year was competition year and we had just over a thousand entries.. The judges this year had a tough time I'm sure. We had one special guest judging this year, Attila Kapitany. Born, raised and educated in Melbourne, he was involved in the family business (Paradisia Nurseries), which specializes in the breeding, cultivation and marketing of rare and exotic plants. He has travelled extensively to cacti habitats. Attila also co-wrote the book "Copiapoa in Their Environment" with Rudolf Schulz.

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Attila with Kay, Graeme & Mel.

Attila; yes I got him to pose!

The doors opened at mid-day on Friday and people began to pour in. What was once a serene, calm hall, became an absolute and utter pandemonium of people viewing plants, judging (for the public votes) and purchasing from the huge selection of plants for sale. There was an amazingly large turn out of people for a Friday; Saturday was very very busy! Things slowed down slightly on Sunday thank god!

Five long rows of tables filled with plants.

Graham enjoying the Mammillarias.

The sales tables, in preparation for the hordes!

In they come! Note, far back at the sales tables!

Sales of plants were a success. More and more plants had to be brought up from the store room to stock up the ever diminishing tables. It's definately great to see how much Aucklanders enjoy their cacti and succulents!

There was a huge turn out by members of the club, all pitching in and helping out in varying forms. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out - Gloria and her band of checkout operators (dealing with the ravenous hordes and "broken down tills!"); the sales table staff who diligently stocked the tables and answered questions (and surviving the crush in the sales area!); to members who patrolled the show tables, answering people's questions and giving advice. To Val and her group of welcomers at the front door; to the kitchen staff and most especially to people like Karl, Nancy, Kay, Graeme & Brian for masterminding such an event.

from left Brian, Kay, Graeme.

Gloria & her team did a great job!

from left Frances and Graeme.

Terry & Harwood helped people out. Thanks!

Brian, daring to do what
no one else would... ouch!

Karl (left) imparting some of his vast knowledge.

The following are some of the pictures of the plants that I took. Please be aware that I took over 200 pictures, and it was a very hard task choosing which would grace these pages! If you would like to have access to all the pictures that I took, please get in touch with me and we'll arrange something. n.b. images through this site were taken from pictures that I took at the show, so check them out.